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“Ideile bune nu sunt facute sa stea pe hartie” 



Situated in the bustling city of Timisoara, this office lobby design project embodies a futuristic vision that merges functionality with avant-garde aesthetics. Awarded the 1st Prize in a prominent design competition, this lobby design has reshaped corporate entry spaces into hubs of innovation and style. 


Design Concept:

Our aim was to revolutionize the first point of contact within a corporate environment. By employing dynamic lines, interactive elements, and smart technology, the space has been transformed into a living, breathing entity that resonates with the vision of forward-thinking businesses.


Lobby Design Unique Features:

  • An interactive installation that captures the brand’s identity and engages visitors immediately upon entry
  • Smart lighting systems that adapt to natural light and enhance the lobby’s mood throughout the day
  • Modern furnishings that provide both comfort and a statement of design excellence.
  • Green spaces and art installations that stimulate creativity and well-being.


Lobby space redesign contest

1st Prize winner

Timisoara, RO


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