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Shared Living Space Design | Area: 180 SQM | Type: Residential


SOAR represents a leap into contemporary living, where space, functionality, and design converge to create a common living area for 3 families who share the same building complex.


SOAR is more than just a design; it’s a new way of experiencing the home, where every element works in harmony to support the contemporary way of life, by offering its inhabitants the opportunity to meet up and spend quality time together.


Design Concept:

Catering to both the communal and individual needs of the inhabitants, the versatile space seamlessly connects a living room, dining area, well-appointed kitchen, modern bathroom, and ample storage solutions.


Drawing inspiration from the fluidity of modern lifestyles, SOAR was conceptualized to blur the lines between the different living areas, creating a seamless space that encourages interaction and openness.


The selected materials and colors resonate with a sense of calm and clarity, enhancing the space’s natural lighting and spaciousness.


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