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The house of the countesses



In the heart of Baile Herculane, ‘The House of the Countesses’ is a true hidden gem.

From the moment you step inside, you’ll be immersed in a world where history and contemporary living seamlessly coexist. The project redefines urban living within the lush surroundings of the city,  while honoring its rich heritage.



Our concept for ‘The House of the Countesses’ focused on optimizing space to accommodate a young family with children while creating a dynamic, harmonious atmosphere that celebrates natural light and shadow in the open-plan living area.

In the heart of this attic apartment, the kitchen showcases modernity with clean lines and high-functionality appliances, serving both culinary adventure and aesthetic appeal. The bedrooms offer a tranquil refuge with plush textures and soothing color palettes, ideal for a family with children.

The bathroom, a blend of sophistication and simplicity, features bespoke fixtures that elevate daily rituals into luxurious experiences. Every space within ‘The House of the Countesses’ is carefully curated to provide upscale comfort, with smart storage solutions enhancing the clean, uncluttered interior.

This project reflects our commitment to creating functional yet exquisitely designed spaces.


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